Marine Insulation

FyreWrap® LT Marine Blanket

FyreWrap® LT Marine Blanket provides structural insulation for a variety of fire-resistant solutions for marine and offshore applications, to..

Incombustable Microlite

Johns Manville Incombustible Microlite® insulation provides excellent acoustical and thermal performance for use in a variety of marine applications...

Incombustable Hullboard

JM’s Incombustible Hullboard provides superior thermal and acoustical performance on naval and merchant vessels and drilling rig platforms. Our..

SeaRox ® S 337 Alu tape

Alutape to seal joints of insulation. Low flame spread approval.

SeaRox ® Facings

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation offers a wide range of facings for SeaRox insulation products: Reinforced aluminum foil (ALU) Glass fiber..

SeaRox ® Acoustic Foil

SeaRox Acoustic Foil is a very strong and durable 19 μm thin film resistant to oil/oil mist, water and..

ProRox® PS 960

ProRox PS 960 is a mandrel wound pipe section. The insulation sections are made out of stone wool and..

SeaRox ® WM 600

SeaRox WM 600 is made of non-combustible stone wool. One side is faced with 1” galvanized wire netting. The..

SeaRox ® SL 720

"SeaRox SL 720 is a semi-regid, resilient slab made of stone wool. The product can be supplied with reinforced..

NH ArmaFlex

NH ArmaFlex® is the halogen-free, flexible elastomeric insulation material. Specify for applications requiring protection against toxic smoke containing chlorine,..


A containment boom, often called an oil boom, is an environmentally friendly, temporary floating barrier used in the water..